Webinar: Automation for a Better Back Office

Digitizing Banking Back Offices with Low Code Platforms


Banks today operate between two distinct worlds of back-office and front-office operations. Yet, most banks focus on optimizing the front-end customer experience. Oftentimes, this creates even more back-office manual processes.

On average, retail banks today have between 300 and 800 back-office processes to manage and monitor. These processes leave the back-office staff to deal with redundant tasks, excessive manual processing, and slow response times. This is why digitizing back-office processes have the most potential on making monumental impact to the business.

Download Digitizing Banking Back Offices with Low Code Platforms and learn how easily you can digitize back-office processes in weeks with low-code platforms like TrackVia. TrackVia helps banks improve operations, customer experience, as well as data quality and accessibility.